Chequamegon Bay Fishing Report April 30th

Chequamegon Bay Fishing Report

00:00-9:56- Introduction to Smelt season. Smelting has returned to Lake Superiors South Shore. Trevor and Scott dive into the in’s and out’s of Smelt. What they are and where to find them and how long the season might last.

10:00-22:12- Lake Superior fishing. The bay is open from ice and people are finally able to back boats into the water and are starting to catch fish. Items discussed: where are the fish, how are they being caught and how long will the lake stay cold?

22:15-30:45- Opening day for fishing across the state begins on Saturday. How are inland lakes looking? Some of the rules and regulations for the opener to keep in mind. The big question asked and answered, is there still on ice on local lakes?