Chequamegon Bay Fishing Report May 14th

Chequamegon Bay Fishing Report: May 14th

We start the program (00:00-10:51) talking why the bay is red. Scott goes into the science of the bay and the rivers,stream, and creeks that flow into Chequamengon Bay and why in recent years the bay has produced more mud lines that in the past.

After that Tommy Hicks with Beyond the Catch Guide Service joins (10:51-22:47) to talk trout and salmon fishing in the bay. The bite is still holding up and Tommy goes into where the pockets of fish are and what he is using to catch the trout and salmon.

After Captain Tommy we go into boat ramp etiquette and trolling etiquette(22:47-29:58). Also in this final segment we touch on a few things that need to go on the calendar before we wrap up the month of May.